What Subjects Are Taught in Schools?

Education is an essential part of living and growing up. Most children attend school for a portion of their day, where they learn all kinds of things from math to history. But what exactly are kids learning in school? Let’s take a look at the subjects that most schools are teaching today.

English Language Arts (ELA)

In almost every school, English Language Arts (ELA) is one of the core subjects taught. ELA covers reading, writing, grammar, and communication skills. Students learn how to build strong reading comprehension skills as well as how to write effectively. In addition to traditional methods of learning grammar and composition, many schools are now incorporating more modern methods such as digital literacy into their ELA curriculums.


Math is another subject that is taught in almost all schools across the country. Math classes range from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus topics depending on which grade level the student is in. Math classes help students develop logical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities that can be applied in other areas of life.


Science education is also important in schools today because it helps students understand the world around them better. Science classes cover topics from biology to physics and chemistry, giving students an overview of these different scientific fields. Additionally, science classes often involve hands-on activities such as experiments or dissections that help students gain a deeper understanding of scientific concepts.

History/Social Studies

History and social studies classes teach students about the past and help them develop an understanding of current events and their context within historical contexts. Students learn about major events throughout history as well as economics and politics so that they can better understand how society functions today. This type of education is critical for forming informed citizens who can engage with society in meaningful ways.

Schools teach a variety of subjects that are essential for helping kids grow into functioning adults who can understand their surrounding world better than before they attended school. From English language arts to science and history/social studies, there are many important subjects taught in schools that give children a solid foundation upon which they can build future knowledge on any given topic! It’s clear why education is so important — it helps set our young people up for success!